What I Stand For

As a dedicated public servant, I am committed to making the City of Des Moines the most vibrant city possible.

Our city is facing significant challenges that require an unwavering champion who will renew the vitality of Des Moines. As mayor, I am prepared to tackle the critical needs that our city is facing related to livability – public safety, economic vitality, neighborhood redevelopment, and helping the most vulnerable so that we continue to make Des Moines a desirable place to live and raise a family.

I have the desire, fortitude, and connectedness to make a meaningful difference, and I am ready to lead the City of Des Moines forward with passion and resolve.

Public Safety

Des Moines needs to respond to the uptick in violent crimes in our city and ensure our community is safe to live, work and thrive. As mayor, I will work to make Des Moines safer by:

● Providing systems and supports to ensure that the DSM Police and Fire Departments have what they need to provide exceptional public safety services for our community
● Increasing access to mental health services like mobile crisis team and the CARE programs
● Creating a sobering center for individuals who need to be directed toward treatment
● Collaborating with City, School, and Community leaders to mitigate gun violence in our city

Economic Vitality and Infrastructure

As the capital city, Des Moines serves as the hub for economic vitality in Central Iowa. As mayor, I intend to champion development and infrastructure advancements that affirm that Des Moines is a desirable place to live, work and thrive by:

● Having the city’s Economic Development Department work strategically as Des Moines advocates both regionally and nationwide to bring new businesses and jobs to the city
● Revitalizing and developing the business nodes within our neighborhoods

Neighborhood Redevelopment

Des Moines needs to undertake a multi-faceted approach to addressing our citizens' housing and livability needs. As your next mayor, I support the following:

● Continue to reinvest in neighborhoods and cultivate stability with initiatives such as Invest DSM and Improve Our Neighborhoods (ION)
● Improve housing market balance with expanded mid-level housing options
● Fill in the missing sidewalk gaps to make our neighborhoods more walkable
● Further infrastructure investments for neighborhoods, including street, sidewalk and storm sewer enhancements

Helping the Most Vulnerable

Des Moines must be a city where we leave no one behind. As mayor, I will work to:

● Continue to work with Polk County to create a Welcome Center to connect refugees to essential services as they establish themselves within our community
● Provide our residents who are currently unhoused with viable options for shelter and security within our community, and collaborate with community-based organizations to support those needing help
● Work with communities in Central Iowa to ensure the long-term viability of DART and rethink how we can provide more flexible transportation options for people in need

Quality Public Schools

Des Moines needs a dedicated community leader with an unwavering commitment to supporting Des Moines Public Schools. Connie will showcase her deep-rooted belief in the power of education to transform lives and communities by:

● Actively advocate for increased funding and resources for Des Moines Public Schools, emphasizing the vital role adequate funding plays in providing quality education for students.
● Ensure equal access to educational opportunities for all students, advocating for policies that address educational disparities and promote inclusivity.
● Facilitate dialogue between stakeholders, parents, teachers, and policymakers to address the unique needs and challenges facing Des Moines Public Schools.
● Improve school infrastructure by advocating for modern facilities that provide a conducive learning environment for students and educators.

Helping Women Succeed

Connie Boesen supports women’s reproductive rights and on the city council and school board she has supported programs designed to give women and girls the best opportunity to succeed in Des Moines.

● In 2017, Connie was the recipient of the Young Women’s Resource Center's Louise Noun Visionary Woman award, recognizing her work in the community to support programs to improve access to education and other services fro women in Des Moines.
● In addition to elected office, Connie has served on the board of programs including the Polk County Housing Trust Board and United Way of Central Iowa, helping give families and women the tools they need to succeed in our community.
● As mayor, she will work to protect access to health care for women and make sure they have the resources to thrive in our city.