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Meet Connie Boesen


When Connie Boesen sees something that needs to get done, she steps in to help. Boesen, most widely known for her current role as a member of the Des Moines School Board, is driven by a sense of pride in her community and a determination to use her skills to help others. “Getting involved is what you do,” Boesen said. “If I can help make an impact or make things better for somebody, it’s worth the time commitment.”      -Business Record 2006, Women of Influence Award

Not much has changed as far as Boesen’s attitude in the past 11 years as she prepares to leave her seat on the Des Moines School Board to make a bid for the at-large City Council seat currently held by incumbent Skip Moore. Boesen’s drive and dedication to hard work and problem-solving shouldn’t come as a surprise given she grew up watching her father, Kenneth Fulk, transform the Iowa State Fair over the course of a dozen years after being appointed the Fair’s Director in 1962. That’s when Boesen moved to Des Moines from Clarinda with her parents and four sisters, one of which was her twin, to live in a house located on the fairgrounds. read more…

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